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Imagination - Oracle Card

Sacred GeometryPosted by Leon Mon, October 16, 2017 02:54PM
In sharing the card of the week - "Imagination" I wish to convey the importance of imagination in visualizing manifesting your aspirations.

It is like building a blue print in your mind. Develop your blue print with as much detail as possible, just as an architect would develop the plans for a house. If he left out of the plans the John....loo....potty...., the house would not be very functional. So it is important to visualize all the details as best you can, and each time you revisit the plans you can make improvements. You will be able to make improvements for when you place attention on your intention you are letting the Universe know of these plans and you will be surprised how inspiration will increase on your aspirations.

Once you have a clear picture in your minds eye, really take the time to to build this visual in your mind and when you have all the details firmly established, pause for a moment with that picture and take an imaginary snap shot and place it into the Universal Incubator for manifestation. Now here is the key . . . see yourself already taking possession of your manifestation and allow yourself to receive greater than you have imagined.

Here is the card of the week from


Imagination harnesses the material for the conscious mind to weave the fabric of your future. Concentration is conscious in nature and is the focusing of the mind, by the will, that instructs the sub-conscious mind to fulfill that which is imagined.

With constructive imagination one can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience. It is the power in the Creative Principal that takes root in the very center of our being. Constructive imagination is to initiate every constructive form of action. Constructive imagination produces a deep foundation upon which to work and manifest one’s aspirations and desires. It has behind it a purpose, an objective for that which one wishes to attain.

It is not by dreaming that we can reach our objectives, but by constructive thought, imagination and action. When one recognizes that the will is the Divine Creative Principle and is behind the thought we create, one begins to observe and realize that the dynamic creative power, and growth behind it, is the dynamic power within oneself.

Concentrative power enables one to produce and build according to plan. When concentration and will are added to imagination , the outlook is wonderful for it is the master mind at work.

One must become thoroughly conscious of the fact that the Creative Principle is in Divine Mind and inherent in the Creative Principle is the concentrative imagination backed by will which is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent; thus these same attributes are inherited by each one of us individually.

May your day be magical and filled with Divine Imagination.

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